Moto Tramp 125cc_part XV: Devilspawn

12/03/14 – 13/03/14

Still in Puerto Pyramides, Peninsula Valdes, Argentina

The mosquito  is among the most readily despised of all lifeforms on Earth. More airborne than the leech, more illusive than the paralysis tick, more numerous than the Wall Street stock broker. Mosquitos were designed by the Devil to seek out the ear of a sleeping human, and beat their wings at a trillion times per second, pausing to sip blood from shallow capillaries. If convenient, they’ll stick you with a blood-borne disease. And when you come unasleep to their near-subliminal buzz, swatting at the darkness and scratching the pinprick welts on your face and knuckles, they’ll dance out of reach, riding the updraught of your semi-conscious flailing. There they’ll hover unseen, just long enough for you to process the sleep-drugged notion that you’ve won. Then, as you chase the disintegrating elements of your dream back into the underworld, they’ll descend from the ceiling, light on a freshly exposed vein, juicy with the pulse of your reveries. They’ll probe for a lucky pore, inject their needle-mouth with surgical indifference, drink triple their weight in blood, and return to restricted earspace to buzz and itch you from sleep once more. They won’t be satisfied at midnight, won’t leave you alone by one. They will not rest until they’ve borne into your ear and gorged on your dreams. Continue reading

Moto Tramp 125cc_part XIV: Dri-Rider

09/3/14 – 11/3/14

Puerto Pyramides - Punta Norte – and back to Puerto Pyramides

(all this takes place on Peninsula Valdes, Argentina)

The beach of Puerto Pyramides was unpeopled, the ocean still and cool. Nerves flinched against ankle-waves before the plunge. A few freestyle strokes turned my core into a reactor, and I was warmer swimming than when I hesitated in the evening breeze. Continue reading

Moto Tramp 125cc_Part XIII: Full Face

9/3/14 – 10/3/14

Dusty Roadside near Puerto Madryn – Puerto Pyramides

Windflap and stab of headlights through tent fabric kept me on guard. Elisa was abliss as usual, buried under layers innumerable. I slept by the skin of my eyes. Continue reading

Sykomish in Fall


Skykomish River, November 15, 2014. Out with the Seattle boys. Flow at around 2.500 cfs.


Moto Tramp 125cc_part XII: Slave to the Road


Comodoro Rivadavia – Puerto Madryn – desert roadside

The desert road. Excruciating boredom and deadly near-misses. I’m balanced on the tabletop earth as dirt, cacti and bitumen scroll away beneath me. I lean into the wind, throttle ever-open. Another truck looms in my side mirror and shudders past, pushing me aside. I ride the tightrope between axle and ditch, tensing against the Patagonian gusts. Continue reading


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