Fallover Fitness

PLEASE NOTE: The instructor is presently travelling to enviable places. Training is suspended until further notice.

Full-body and targeted workouts incorporating muscular endurance, cardiovascular work, stretching, and non-competitive boxing drills. In short: total conditioning for all your earthly shenanigans. No drill sergeants, no boot-camp fanaticism, just a challenging session at your desired level of intensity. All outdoors.

Group Drop-Outs: Group training with Fallover is suited to a broad spectrum of participants, from the generally mobile but undeveloped right through to the super-fit. Whatever your level, you will be challenged. I don’t recommend it for individuals with chronic respiratory, cardiovascular or joint conditions (but I can accommodate you with personal training). Group training locations include ANU ovals, UC ovals, and John Knight Park in Belconnen.  We train for an hour, but sometimes go 10-15 minutes overtime with stretching (totally optional of course). Your first class is free with no obligations. $10 per session after that.

Group classes are strictly limited to 300 people. Only the original 12 are to be known as the Dirty Dozen, and will have priority on free trail running excursions outside of our little discomfort zone (see ‘Dirty Dozen Trail Runs’, down the page).

Group training sessions and their location in space-time:

Tuesday 5:30 – 6:30 PM, ANU ovals
Saturday 5:30 – 6:30 PM, ANU ovals

Got a crew of 3 or more? Suggest a time and place that suits you.

Personal Flailing: Flexible days, times, and locations. I’ll cycle to any suitable outdoor location (parks, ovals, trails, nature reserves) within a 3.14159 mile radius of Belconnen’s epicentre as defined by the google gods. Every mile after that deserves a banana. We’ll draft your personalised training regimen and get on with it. Drop me a telegram, carrier pigeon, or e-mail. $40 per hour. No celebrities.

Dirty Dozen Trail Runs: Free guided trail runs, available to group fitness and personal training participants. Times and locations TBA (expect steep gradients and uneven terrain). Limited to 12. To encourage preparedness, all runners must have participated in at least one Fallover workout in the week prior to the run. Priority is given to the 12 longest-standing participants (the ‘dirty dozen’). Minimum of 3 participants. Out of breath just thinking about it? Learn how to run and breathe at the same time.

Attendance to any of the above begins with invitation. Write me with a brief summary of your athletic background, present activity level and fitness goals, preferred training times and locations, a minimum of three professional and/or academic references, a police background check, and a recent psychoanalyst’s report. If none of that is available, just tell me who you are in your own words. Minimum age is 16. Under 18’s will need parental consent or a fake id.

IMPORTANT: In your initial email, please name one experience that one should have before one dies, and why.

Contact Tom at: falloverfitness(at)gmail(dot)com

Frequently Anticipated Questions:

Q: Where exactly do we meet?
A: Just follow someone at random and you’re likely to find us. Or you can RSVP as per the above guidelines and I’ll reply with the actual location.

Q: What should I bring?
A: ‘A towel… is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.’ – Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. A yoga mat or foam camping mat is also useful for proxima-terra exercises, especially on wet days. Which reminds me, bring water!

Q: What’s the damage and how do I pay?
A: Group classes are $10 or whatever you think is fair, whichever is the greater. Personal training prices are calculated against a thorough income assessment, means test and tax audit, by which we will arrive at more or less exactly $40 per hour. Students under 65 years receive a $5/hr student discount, and are subject to a $5/hr student surcharge.

Q: Who is this upstart anyway?
A: Late 20’s, male, background in hopscotch, jump-rope and marbles. You can dig my escapades elsewhere on this site.

Q: Are you even qualified?
A: Is a tiger qualified to pounce, an eagle to soar, a leaf-cutter ant to gnaw through a flake of chlorophyll and walk vertically up and down his tree?

Q: But seriously, why should I let you train me?
A: My athletic history (present to past) includes: regular, intensive distance running (especially trail and mountain running), commuting ‘most everywhere by bicycle (and not some slick road bike either, but a heavy mountain dog), 5 seasons of commercial, high-volume whitewater raft guiding and trip leading (an intensely physical and instructional role), river kayaking on the side, a black belt in traditional jujitsu (plus dabblings in boxing, kickboxing and Brazillian jiu jitsu), over a decade of weight training, and a two-year stint in the Australian Army Reserve (infantry).

If you’re into bits of paper: Wilderness & Remote First Aid (valid to June 11, 2015), Swiftwater Rescue Technician (valid to June 16, 2015) – in case you fall into Sullivan’s Creek. I also have a coaching certificate from the Australian Institute of Sport (this sounds fancy but was completed entirely online – don’t be fooled by papers of pomp and pedigree).

Q: What makes your gig unique?
A: Oh nothing. Just my top secret Fallover Fitness Filosophy and Training Principles.

Contact Tom at: falloverfitness(at)gmail(dot)com

Fallover Fitness
Don’t be Stood Up

You won’t find us on facebook. We have things to do.

2 responses to “Fallover Fitness

  • Sarina

    I’m a regular at Fallover Fitness Canberra and I love every session. Tom always provides something different so it’s never boring. He also tries to make sure that we are constantly challenging ourselves (but never in a scary or threatening way). In the last few months my strength, boxing and running technique have significantly improved. I highly recommend training with Tom. No matter your current fitness level, you are sure to see a great improvement and at the same time have a bit of fun.

  • Elisa

    Training with Tom always leaves me feeling fit, healthy, motivated and strong! I’ve seen tons of improvement in myself and in the other Fallover Fitness members. I particularly love the boxing drills, which are mentally and physically challenging, and a ton of fun.

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